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At Natural Posture we collaborate with other health care professionals
to bring you the best in self-education workshops. 

Kristy Perez

Founder of Natural Posture

Clinical Sports Therapist

Natural Movement Specialist 

Kristy has extensive experience and training in many body movement disciplines. This has been fuelled by her finding out what works for her body and mind after injuries caused by over training and competing in sports at a young age.

In Kristy’s 30 year career she has developed 3 main fluid movement awareness principles to help anybody who needs to get rid of old patterns of body movement and create new ones. Through her high quality training, experience, her curiosity and her desire to be up to date with the latest research and information, she aims to help train and support her students safely to gain inner confidence for their continuing practice. 

More about Kristy can be found at 


Claire Reid



Holistic Physiotherapist Specialising in Chronic pain.

Whilst completing my degree at St George's Hospital in London, I secured a job as a physiotherapy assistant. After spending 5 years in the NHS, I moved into private practice.

The past decade has been spent exploring how to help patients with chronic conditions get better, to have no fear in movements, connecting their bodies and minds.

More about Claire can be found at:

Linde’s passion for Herbal Medicine developed over several decades. In 2015, whilst completing a BSc (Hons) as a Medical Herbalist, she joined Foreman and Jones dispensing herbal prescriptions and gained experience working alongside Jodie Foreman. She also developed her herbal training in China during 2016 – spending time in the foothills of the Himalayas studying with some of China’s best Master experts. She also attended a First Aid Herbal Medicine workshop run by the respected American Herbalist 7Song.

As an author, Linde successfully completed and published ‘The Book’ in 2013, a comprehensive lifetime work in researching preventative healthcare coalesced into a complete and simple guide.

Linde Taylor

Medical Herbalist

More about Linde can be found at 

Rebecca Carley

Nutritional Therapist 

Rebecca has struggled with her own eating issues throughout her life, and has a deep understanding of how difficult it can be to experience weight and food difficulties. When she discovered Nutritional Therapy, it really helped her to understand why she had been struggling for so long and put her on a path to improve her own health and wellbeing. She would like to use her knowledge and experiences to be able to help others to overcome any difficulties that they may be going through. 

Rebecca Carley is a registered Nutritional Therapist, having graduated with a BSc in Nutritional Therapy from the University of West London. I am also a Master Practitioner in Eating Disorders, from NCFED and I am a Julia Buckroyd trained Understanding Your Eating Practitioner.

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