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This is an itinerary for the day.  

We have given a very simple outline but there is lots more to be shared on the day.  


Times and order might vary.

8.45 Arrive to start for 9.00
who we are
We are going to help you understand:

Where you may potentially be in the perimenopause / menopause process

What happens in the body through this transition

Symptoms that some patients experience

What are the positives 

10.00 Linde Taylor / Claire Reed -  The science behind the menopause process.  

Female Hormone deficiency 

Explain the role of oestrogen and changes 

Understand Menopause and why the body is affected by so many symptoms

Treatment Options

Important role of Herbal Medicine

11.00 Break 

11.15 Claire Reed  

Connect with nature outside (dependant on weather)

Connect the physical body with the emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

Realign from the separation we feel in our bodies and minds 

Concentra allows us to move towards into a deeper alliance with the whole Self.

12.15 Lunch 

12.45 Linde Taylor / Kristy Perez Nutrition talk 

Food and Nutrition 

Blood Sugar Levels

Hydration and much more 

13.45 Herbal tea break and how different herbs can help symptoms 

14.00 Kristy Perez

Understanding what stress is and the role it plays in menopause 

How we breathe 

The importance of maintain strength into ageing.  

Strength training master class

Natural Posture Class 

16.30 Finish 


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